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Domestic Roofing & Cladding

Waldron Roofing & Cladding are experts in flat roofing and pitched roofs. We can call to your home to asses your roofing and cladding needs and can provide several options, be it a new roof or repairing a roof at a price to suit the client. Waldron Roofing & Cladding use only the finest product, all of which offer 15 - 20 year guarantee.

Sample Projects
Below are only a sample of the roofing projects carried out by Waldron Roofing & Cladding
Porch Roof
Porch roof- Alkor PVC on Ply Deck
PVC Roof
Alkor PVC on Insulation on vapour barrier on metal deck.

New House Roof
New house with flat roof, ply, v/b, insulation and Alkor PVC membrane

New Low Pitch Roof
Re-Roofing to low pitch roof-Remove old slaths, felt and battons-Fit new ply, fleece and Alkor PVC membrane

Felt Roof Recovered
Old Felt Roof recovered with Alkor PVC membrane

New PVC Roof
Alkor PVC metal valleys fitted to new house.

Low Pitch New Roof
Low pitch roof- remove slates, battons and felt-Fit new ply, fleece and Alkor PVC membrane

PVC Roof
Alkor PVC membrane on Insulation on V/B to Porch

PVC Roof
Alkor PVC metal internal valleys to new house

PVC Roof
Low pitch roof covered with Alkor PVC

PVC Roof
Alkor PVC metal valleys
PVC Roof
Alkor PVC on vapour barrier on contrete to houses


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We fit roofs, fit cladding, repair roofs and repair cladding across Ireland, especially in Roscommon, Galway, Sligo and Mayo.
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